“Paco is like no other financial person you'll meet: she's that exceptionally cool kid at the back of the bus that once meeting you, the new kid in town, will offer to sit in the front of the bus to keep you company 'cus you get motion sickness...now apply that to being an adult feeling completely overwhelmed about your finances.

With a wealth of knowledge, but lacking the ego to lie and tell you she knows that answer when she doesn't, Paco has helped me feel empowered about my personal and business finances. She recognizes and honors the fact that many of our personal financial issues are deeply rooted in our upbringing, emotions, habits, and values. As a result of this understanding, she has used her creativity and critical thinking talents to strategize solutions for folks from all walks of life to overcome their financial challenges and live financially empowered lives.

I literally recommend Paco to everyone in my life who verbalizes that they are having difficulty with their finances, but unlike coconut flavored La Croix, I've never heard a negative review.”

-Emma, Founder of Exhibits for Humanity